At the Warsaw Motor Show, you'll have the opportunity to ride the world's largest Monster Truck, which can accommodate over 20 people on board!

We are thrilled to invite you to a unique event – the participation of the world’s largest Monster Truck at the Warsaw Motor Show. For visitors to the trade fair, we have prepared an exciting attraction – a ride in a Monster Truck in a specially designated area. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the power and excitement that this incredible vehicle offers.

This gigantic engineering marvel is equipped with two powerful engines with a capacity of 6.7 liters, producing an astounding 400 horsepower, allowing it to reach incredible speeds and effortlessly conquer the most demanding terrains. Two steerable axles guarantee exceptional maneuverability, enabling it to navigate corners with impressive agility. The Monster Truck is prepared to accommodate a large audience, with a capacity of up to 24 seats, ensuring that every trade fair visitor has the chance to experience a ride in this mighty vehicle. The interior of the Monster Truck has been designed with comfort and safety in mind for all participants.

Join us at the Warsaw Motor Show and witness this extraordinary event. Experience firsthand the immense power of this Monster Truck and treat yourself to extreme thrills that you will never forget!