Heli Solution na Warsaw Motor Show

Heli Solution is a helicopter school based at the Aeroklub Radomski airport in Piastów. It is staffed by experienced instructors and a team that regularly showcases its skills at major aviation events in Poland and abroad. The center offers courses on the Robinson R44 helicopter and participates in specialized aviation assignments. As an operator with SPO-HR certification, Heli Solution can carry out high-risk specialist operations. Heli Solution is more than just a place to learn to fly; it’s a space created by passionate individuals who share their knowledge and love for aviation.

Take a helicopter ride during the Warsaw Motor Show!

Flying is one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have. This experience is not reserved for the chosen few; anyone can discover and savor the beauty of flying. One way to experience this magic is through helicopter flights organized by Heli Solution.

Heli Solution is a center formed by an experienced team that regularly showcases its skills at airshows across Poland and Europe. The Heli Solution team conducts helicopter training and participates in special assignments. The helicopter flights using the Robinson R44 will be carried out by this team.

The Robinson R44 is one of the most popular helicopters in the world, known for its speed and comfort. It is used for private, business, and training purposes all over the world and is even used by some air forces.

Flights will take place on Saturdays and Sundays from [location]. The helicopter can carry up to three passengers. The flight costs 200 PLN per person and lasts for 3/4 minutes. It’s a great aviation adventure!

Discover the poetry of flying and let yourself be carried away by the sky-high emotions. We invite you to go flying with Heli Solution this weekend.