Join us for an unforgettable journey through time and space at the Warsaw Motor Show, where Mustang Club Poland will serve up attractions full of exotic Miami vibes.
Visit our picturesque exhibition booth, where you will be transported to the sunny shores of Florida. Still in Poland, but amidst the magical scenery of a tropical paradise, we have prepared unforgettable experiences for you.
Step back in time and witness automotive icons from their inception to the present day. From classics to the latest models, it’s all here for automotive enthusiasts.
Feel the soft sand under your feet, hear the sound of the waves, and see the palm trees – all of this will create a unique atmosphere. It’s the perfect backdrop for your photos with our iconic cars.
Our enthusiasts will provide you with information about the history, achievements, and interesting facts related to the Ford Mustang brand.
Join the Warsaw Motor Show to experience the joy of driving and the beauty of the extraordinary style that Mustang Club Poland offers!