Detailing Crew at Warsaw Motor Show

Auto detailing Warsaw – Detailing Crew– is an experienced company specializing in professional car detailing and more. Every car is highly valued and unique to them, regardless of its mileage or brand. They provide professional services such as comprehensive paint correction, interior detailing, permanent protection with quartz and ceramic coatings protective filmswindow tinting and much more.. All the services they offer have one goal – to transform your car into a true source of pride, which can also be shielded from the damaging effects of external factors. They provide both seasonal protection and year-round standard protection.

Description of attractions at the trade show:

Attraction 1 – Full Paint Restoration, but not just on any car… car on which the work will be done is the Jeep Wrangler owned by the Terenwizja guys -> the largest off-road themed channel on YouTube in Poland!

The Terenwizja guys will be with the company at the trade show for at least 1 day, and you’ll have the opportunity to come and chat or exchange high fives!

Guys’ YouTube Channel ->

Attraction 2 – Comprehensive interior detailing on one of the expedition vehicles of the Drivenfar team! These guys travel the world, and they’re watched by many people.

Drivenfar Australia -> 

Drivenfar Indie ->

Attraction 3 – Car front and 4-door live wrapping

During the trade show, every 3 hours, one element will be applied so that every interested person can see firsthand how cars are wrapped with clear PPF film!

Attraction 4 – Displaying a beautiful car, fully wrapped in clear PPF film by Detailing Crew, so that trade show attendees can see for themselves how the finished PPF film looks!

Attraction 5 – Displaying a beautiful car, fully wrapped in matte clear PPF film, so that trade show attendees can see for themselves how the finished PPF film looks with a “frozen” paint effect!

Attraction 6 – This one’s going to be really intense…

Detailing Crew will conduct hardcore tests of PPF film on a car hood – half of the hood will be wrapped, and the other half won’t be…

Scratching with a brick? Chair? Knife? Key? Wire brush? Or maybe whatever you have in your pocket?

WHY NOT! We’ll test the durability of the PPF film together! Demonstrations every 2/3 hours.

Attraction 7 – Detailing Crew is bringing their own plotter! Industry professionals will have the chance to witness live the process of cutting patterns and see how it all looks on the computer! Additionally, a cabinet with products from the company’s DC COSMETICS line for complete car detailing will be set up!


Additionally, in the conversation zone, a fortune wheel will be set up, allowing attendees to draw prizes! Discounts on Detailing Crew services, discounts on CarbonQ PPF films, and DC Cosmetics products will be up for grabs!